In 2010 a close friend working at my call centre told me that he had invested $12k in BTC ($0.08) and then he suddenly quit and vanished a few years later… he’s probably a billionaire by now. I regret not listening to him.


His father was a computer scientist. I’ve always wondered where he went and regretted not listening to him back then. Not sure what my point of this post is. But after getting hooked by Crypto earlier this year and dreaming of one day owning 1 BTC, it almost physically hurts to know I ignored my friends advice for so many years and could be a Bajillionaire by now. Also I wonder what kind of life my friend must have by now.

Also ………………………………………. was his Father Satoshi?? This happened in Australia so it’s unlikely.

I just did the math and if he HODL’d it all then it would have been worth over $13 BILLION dollars today.

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