Important red flags to remember when investing!


Tokenomics: Any project which pre sale huge portion of tokens is a red flag. More than 20% of HBAR is already sold to big institutions. Same goes for hyper inflammatory tokens/coins. How you gonna go to the moon with BLOK when they release new tokens in billions every time they like? Good projects are like yearn, no billion dollars of token for founder.

Unsustainable earnings: It is very tempting to get 40% APY. But how long they gonna keep that money flowing? Beware of promises too good to be true Always ask yourself where all the money is coming from.

. 3. Unusually fast grow: It is either being shilled heavily or pumped artificially. I never trusted LUNA or APE. A good project keeps growing slow and steady. Faster a project moons, faster it will crash land.

Celebrity shilled coins: If it is being shilled by say an actor, those behind it care more about popularity then legitimacy. Don’t trust them.

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