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There is absolutely no question that macroeconomics and the traditional stock market, affects the crypto market in some form or fashion. When the topic comes up about FED meetings and inflation, and things of the like, I see a lot of people ask when the exact dates are. So, I decided to make a post for you. Hopefully this will save you a step and you can invest that extra time into yourselves and your futures.


There’s a lot of speculation here as to whether we will see a 75 bps or 100 bps hike. As of yesterday there was a 63.8% probability of a 75 bps hike. There was a 36.2% probability that we will see a 100 bps hike. This would suggest that the market is pricing in 75 bps. Of course only time will tell.


With our previous GDP being negative, a negative reading would by definition, mean we are officially in a recession.

It goes without saying that we obviously know nothing about nothing here, but please be mindful of these events, and realize that the outcome will definitely be a factor in the crypto and traditional markets. There are many other macroeconomic events to keep track of in many other countries, I live in the U.S. and feel more comfortable speaking on US events. However, feel free to check out the event calendar available on forex factory .com. I’m not even going to post a link here, as i’m sure you are as cautious as I am when it comes to clicking random links.

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