Immutable X gaming Collections coming soon to the GameStop NFT market place.


Immutable X also partnered with GameStop and has committed $100M in grants to bring premium Web3 content to the GameStop NFT marketplace.

These are going to be some of the biggest NFT gaming experiences coming in the Future, I decided to give you a quick run down of what to expect.

Gods Unchained – It is currently in Beta available to play on pc and mobile version is expected at some point but no official date has been given. (Trading card game)

Guild Of Guardians – is a mobile RPG where players can turn their gaming passion into assets. It will be a multiplayer, fantasy, action RPG where players build their dream team of ‘Guardians’ and compete in a guild to earn epic, tradeable rewards.

Release was supposed to be early 2022 so I guess its running late but hopefully will be out soon, it looks like a decent game from the videos.

Illuvian – this one looks like a Pokemon style game where you battle with different creatures, Graphics don’t look to bad on the videos. Currently accepting people to register and possibly become beta testers for the PC version (will also be available for Mac OS). I couldn’t find an expected release date on this game.

Ember Sword – Free-to-play MMORPG with a player driven economy. This is probably the one I’m most excited about as it looks like it will be really fun to play if they get it right, check the website for screenshots. I believe they have sold out of the land they had on presale. Looks like they are expecting a late 2022 release.

Planet Quest – A cinematic gaming multiverse – I cant really tell what type of gaming experience this is going to be but it gives off Open world Role playing game vibes. looks really interesting and they are currently having a pre sale on planets which I assume will be an important part of the game play. Something tells me the soundtrack on this game is going to be really good.

You can also read up more on all of these games and other to come at

So I’m pretty excited that crypto games are starting to look better than the current offerings and hope some if not all of these deliver some decent gameplay.

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