I’m too used to crypto volatily, that now making a 2x in stocks “feels like nothing”


I remember a few years ago that for me making 2x in stocks was utterly difficult. And if I reached a 2x in a year, I would feel like a genius and would make me so proud. Nowadays, in the other hand, I’m too used to crypto volatily that making a 2x in stocks feels like nothing.

Even though most of my portfolio is in crypto, I do have a considerate amount of money in stocks in order to diversify. However, I could make in 6 months in crypto what I would normally make in 5 years in stocks. I don’t want to sound arrogant for saying that “making a 2x feels like nothing”, but it is how I feel. Of course I like to make money, and a 2x is always appreciated, but since I started investing in crypto, my view about gains has changed a lot.

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