I’m the guy from a few days ago that got scammed for 200k tether.


I’m the guy that got scammed for 200k tether from Twitter. Here are the details:

Scammer: lin_cutekiller Dapp: eth-coin dot info

Transaction hash: 0xaaf1448c918aed5345fa521cac36e327b22fcccb3437f3cf786ddb211112d7f4

Bounty: all of it is yours unless you have some sympathy and want to kick back some to me. Have at it

I’ve definitely learned my lesson. Although it won’t help me personally, I’ve gone ahead and filed with local police station, FBI internet crimes, and the FTC. Not sure what else is left to do other than work hard and starting over again. Thanks to those of you that were supportive during my last post.

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