I’m sick of Coinbase for DCA (automatic purchase, is there anyone else that offers a 99% “hands off” DCA for crypto?


I’ve been tracking my Coinbase automatic purchases for a long time. I do automatic purchases every few days. It is nice because I don’t have to think about it, transfer any money in, make any purchases. Obviously I trade a few dollars for this convenience.

70-80% I end up buying at the highest price of the day (right before downward movement)

10% of the time I end up buying at a price that is even higher than the high point of the day (today for instance, I bought at $23,341; the coinbase chart was showing a high of $23,250.)

10% of the time I buy at a good price, but this is often because one of the crypto’s spike unexpectedly.

I am sick of paying 1.5-2% per transaction AND buying at peak prices. I know they do frontrunning, but this is ridiculous. At least Robinhood made the transaction at the same time each day.

Are there any other exchanges that offer a quality automatic transaction at an attractive price, that is “hands off?”

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