I’m officially back in the red again and it’s okay.


Hi everyone, with the red charts today, I’m officially back in the red. My all time gain is negative. My months worth of crypto gains is lost.

And you know what? It’s okay. I’m fine with it.

6 months ago i would’ve freaked out cuz i was balls deep in shitcoins. Got rugpulled, got honeypotted. I was dumb, but i listened to the advice of you guys here.

Now, Im in proper projects, and I’m staking anything that can be staked. I believe in the projects i hold.

I may be down temporarily, but I know it’s a cycle. We’ll see green pasteurs again. I’ve not put in more than I can lose either.

I’m gonna continue to dca and hold. Whether we dip further or my investments go to zero, I’m gonna ride this all the way to the end.

Hope this is some consolation to any of you newbies out here freaking out.

DCA, dont invest more than you can lose, stake anything that can be staked, and enjoy the ride.

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