I’m not gonna miss out again


I’ve been in crypto for a longer time now since 2015 but I was way too young back then. It was this high risk “anonymous” currency of the shady internet but I just enjoyed the tech and talking about it with friends.

One day a homie shilled me this new project called “Ethereum”. He said it’ll be the next Bitcoin and the tech around it. It was at 38$. 38$

I asked my father if he could help me getting some because I was still underage and back then it was way harder to just buy crypto. He obviously didn’t allow me since it was also way riskier back then. He just wanted to protect me.

Fast foreword 5 years later we saw a 4000$ Ethereum. Crypto is way more accepted in society and also from governments. It’s becoming a more and more popular investment especially with 0% tax laws like here in Germany.

Now I’m older, self employed with a monthly budget to invest. I will never see the chance again for such cheap crypto but I definitely don’t want to look back in 5 years asking myself why I didn’t buy Ethereum below 2000$ or BTC below 30000$.

TL;DR: We are still early. While it might not be a 10x or 100x /year opportunity anymore there’s still a lot of potential better then other markets offer.

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