I’m more bullish than ever. Bitcoin is having the largest purge of toxic waste in its history.


Even bigger than the historic ‘Blocksize War’. More details here.

Here’s a list of the most notable turds flushed down the toilet on the Bitcoin ecosystem on this cycle:

Massive Bitcoin scams masquerading as “Lending Platforms”

Illiquid and fractional reserved “Bitcoin Banks”

Institutional speculators and manipulators

Masses of gamblers and short-term traders

Over-leveraged players

Inefficient and unprofitable miners

Tons of shitcoins

“Crypto” euforia and influencers

‘Yield-seekers’ giving away their coins

Bears, shorters and trolls

“Technical Analysis” gurus

1st time weak newbies and paperhands

Elon Musk

Good riddance!

Bitcoin is getting primed for the next bull run, whether it is this or the next year.

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