I’m making a promise – no more low cap alts


I’ve been in crypto for about 5 years, and like all of us I’m always looking for the next moon shot ( turns out it was ETH and I was early enough to be rich if I’d bought enough, so little lesson there)

In the past years I’ve bought (and lost money on):

REQ (rekt) OMG (the OG ETH killer) ZIL ( maybe this one will still be ok) Shiba (just a little fun money I promise) IXI (the one and only shitcoin I decided to play with from /cryptomoonshots) LTO (still holding out some hope of breaking even )

And probably countless others

There are some notable exceptions where I’ve made profit

ZRX -mostly because I bought loads around 2017 for some unknown reason LINK – I then sold it all too early to really do me any good

With most alts, you need to either hold for a few weeks and sell the pump, or hold for years

In all these cases I would have most likely been better off just buying BTC/ETH

Now if you will excuse me, I will probably go buy some more moonshots

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