I’m leaving crypto. I dont think decentralization works anymore


I bought my first BTC in 2013 for 150 bucks. I love disruptive technologies and have been a big believer in peer to peer transactions. but this blow up just proves that its not going to work without a set of rules and safety mechanisms.

DEFI is basically a joke. “safe” staking rates are not better than historical bond rates or stock fund returns. anything with high APY is smoke and mirrors, most times rewarding you with worthless coins.

NFTs probably have the most potential if they are used the right way. but the current use cases are mostly garbage.

Most stuff launched in 2022 have been clones that quickly fail or rug pulls.

I put my cash in a bank, I know I’m not going to lose it. and its insured up to 250k. if I invest in a bond or stock, the team, the company, the board, the financial information is all doxxed and publicly available. I know exactly what my investment is. crypto provides none of that and I’m suppose to think this is preferred for the sake of being decentralized? no thanks.

good luck, I’m out.

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