I’m in the green for the first time in my crypto career


I probably would have sold for a hefty loss if it wasn’t for Reddit so thank you.

It all began around May this year when my friend was telling me about his sweet crypto gains. I wanted some.

With an intention of buying and not looking at it again for 5 years, I slapped a fat lump sum investment across BTC, ETH and MATIC. Buying BTC at $60k and a +$2 MATIC as well, I can’t remember the ETH entry but can’t imagine it was great. I forgot to mention I didn’t even know what a blockchain was at this point.

Obviously we all know what happened in May. I can’t lie soiled my pants when when the market plummeted. Little did I know, that soil would be the fertiliser that made me grow into the man I am today. Luckily I turned to Reddit before cashing it all out, I was close, but even though 50% of the sub seemed to have also soiled themselves some of you managed to relieve my worries, so thanks.

You taught me the importance of knowing what I was investing my money into. So I went and learnt what a blockchain was, those things are pretty cool. Although I did hit a point where I thought because I could explain to my friends what a blockchain was, that it made me some kind of crypto god and started swapping a load of them around daily. Let’s just say I learned the hard way.

5 months on, I now have a sensible DCA strategy in place. Only investing in coins that I personally believe in, not what user MegaFartSniffer69 thinks is going to the moon.

As a beginner I can’t really contribute much to the sub so I thought I’d just make a bit of a thank you post since I was so happy to have finally made some gains!

Repost as I didn’t have 500 karmas or something like that

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