I’m in crypto since 2013. I thought I was late. People who get in now and claim to be early are wrong.


The bitcoin white paper was released on Oct. 31st 2008. On May 22nd 2010 the first bitcoin for goods transaction happened (one pizza for 10k BTC). You’re not early in this game, if you’ve just learned about crypto and entered the market. I wasn’t early either. But you know what? That doesn’t matter at all. Sure, you’re not gonna make that 5000x with BTC anymore but, look what happened until now and imagine how powerful the crypto space will look like on October 31st in 2038. Crypto is here to stay, things that we can’t even think of right now, are going to be built, changing what we’ve been taking for granted, all having their roots in Satoshis white paper. And we all have the chance to be part of it and find the gems that will make some 1000xs, simply because crypto is permissionless.

So who even cares if someone is early or late in this game?

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