I’m gonna be honest. Seeing coins with dogshit fundamentals pumping makes me feel like shit


Hi guys. At the time of writing, I’m watching Shiba hit all time high. Doge is getting a nice run up as well.

And I honestly can’t help but feel annoyed for not having put any money in them. Dont get me wrong, I’m happy for all the hodlers who made nice profits. You know the ones who turn 100 bucks into a few Gs.

It’s just that crypto seems so illogical. Coins and projects with real fundamentals dont really pump much at all. All that time put in to research and read up on projects and their potentials, and it doesnt matter. Cuz a token with a picture of a dog will beat all of those fundamentals.

I think I’m just salty about it, but i don’t think my feelings are unjustified. Crypto is just unfair like that. Maybe it’s a sign that we’re still early.

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