I’m feeling a shift in culture


I’ll start off by saying I’m in America

I’m sitting here watching prime time Sunday night programming (Sunday Night Football) and I’ve now seen 3 different commercials that mention cryptos.

They were all different financial entities, one was cash app, one was SoFi, and honestly I don’t remember who the first one was… buuuut it felt significant after the 3rd one.

I have to imagine as people keep seeing “you can buy/use cryptos with us” over and over again, they’ll be intrigued to go check it out.

And I really feel like anybody who starts to look into cryptos will realize it’s a great investment (first off) and then they’ll realize the tech is the future.

I’ve been sensing a shift recently, but this really made me even more confident in the future of cryptos.

Bullish on mass adoption.

Bullish on cryptos

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