I’m calling it…. we just hit the bottom before we now launch until the end of the year.


The bears may not like this but I’m going to post it anyway and predict that what we just saw was the new bottom for bitcoin at 40k now we are going to launch up.

September’s have historically been the weakest month of the year, according to all on chain metrics their has been strong accumulation that has been going on which people taking bitcoin off exchanges and into hardware wallets.

Will Clemente & Willy Woo 2 of the best on-chain analysts in the world have said that bitcoin is about to come into a massive supply shock.

Institutional interest going up, 7 new million crypto wallets are being opened worldwide each month, every week we are reading that a new country is looking to adopt crypto.

Here is your daily dose of hopium ladies and gentlemen. We’re going to the moon 🌑

EDIT: Also been pointed out to me that a bitcoin ETF is likely to be approved before November 1st.

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