I’m beginning to DCA out. Not because I think crypto isn’t in an epic bull run, it is, but because I think the global economy is going to hit some real hard times real soon.


With Evergrande news and rapid inflation and money printing and all the other myriad huge systemic issues that are currently mirroring the 2008 crash, I’m getting worried.

Convince me that I’m wrong and that a crash won’t happen in the next 3-6 months (during the same amount of time that the crypto bull run will continue to make huge profits IMO).

What say you? Why should I believe that when the broader markets crash, it won’t take crypto with it and ruin the party? Is there something I’m missing? Are we not on the cusp of some very serious shit about to go down?

I believe in crypto 100%. But I believe it cannot keep pumping when the broader economy inevitably tanks.

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