I’m becoming more and more embarrassed to talk about crypto. Is anybody else feeling this or am I the only adult left here?


As adoption increases, we’re bringing more idiots, children, and failed comedians into the space.

Where I used to find information, discussion, intellectual and constructive criticism, I now see a flood of “Can you believe the number 69 is in the price of BTC?! Next stop 69,420!” or “69,420.69 the magic number!”

Yes, marijuana is good. Yes, sex is good. We all know it. You’re not contributing anything by referencing them.

The intelligence and maturity in this sub, and nearly every other crypto sub I’m subscribed to, has become completely diluted.

All this, during a time where we’re pushing for adoption. We’re trying to be taken seriously. We’re wanting to bring new investors into the space. We’re wanting to see real use of crypto/blockchain technology.

And here you all are acting like a bunch of children, laughing at the mention of “genitalia” in biology class.

It’s fucking embarrassing.

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