I’m balls deep in ALTCOINS and I’m not afraid to admit it


I know.. 60% bitcoin, 30% ether and 10% altcoins is what many people swear by. But I just can’t ignore the insane possibility that ALGO has or the LUNA. And then LINK that makes smart contracts really smart. Oh and AVAX, which despite recent pump related issues continues to rise. DOT has imo one of the best techs in the market right now. And my dear harmony ONE.

Bitcoin is the grandfather. The leviathan that controls everything. But I simply cannot ignore the alts which have been absolutely booming this year and continue to grow beyond anything I could have imagined.

It’s not even about currency anymore. Its so much beyond that and it makes me really bullish.

I’d always suggest newbies to stick to the big two first. But altcoins..man it’s like pokemon cards all over again.

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