I’m a foolish, foolish man


I started out 2021 with a bag full of cash and dreams of getting rich and retiring early. I bought low, and saw my gains go sky high. However, I “Diamond handed” all of my investments, as well as continued to buy at the elevated prices. I believed that everyone loved crypto as much as I did, and would continue to buy and hold.

In addition, I spent more than I was willing to lose on different DeFi projects and liquidity pairs that have since gone down 60-90% in value. I kept on filling my mind with the hope that this dip would be the bottom, and I could keep making passive income.

All of the projects I invested in went down so much that I might as well have thrown my dollars in a blender. I then found a coin and protocol I really loved in LUNA and Anchor, and obviously got dumped on even harder than all of the other projects.

It’s been very rough, and difficult to stay hopeful, because every time I think it might be the bottom, I just get dumped on again. Now I have very little fiat left, and am left facing crushing inflation, extremely high gas prices, and my company is about to go under.

I hope one day I can look back at this time in my life and chuckle, because it’s hard to even smile most days.

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