If you’ve just got into Crypto and are checking the prices constantly…don’t worry, this passes


I remember when I first started buying crypto again (having bought some bags and forgotten about them in 2017) last year. Every morning I’d wake up and check my portfolio, and I’d wake up in the night to check it.

Mates of mine already had 5 or 6 figure portfolios, and I did not. How did they manage not to spend all day obsessing over 1-2% price movements? That’s hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars of value shifting every minute. They told me that having been through a full bull and bear cycle already, they know better than to waste time checking the price constantly.

I have a portfolio I’m pleased with. No Lambo, and I can’t quit my job, but it’s more than I had hoped for when I started, and I find myself checking less and less. Why would I? I’m not planning to sell for the next few years, and everything is locked and earning interest, so I couldn’t sell even if I tried.

As you stay in this space a bit longer, you will become more confident in your investments, and so won’t need to be reassured by every tiny green candle, and won’t panic at the slightest pullback.

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