If you’ve changed devices or removed the Reddit app since setting up your vault, check you can log back in to your vault… You may be farming moons to a vault you can no longer access…


I just found this out almost the hard way. I went to check out my Reddit vault like many of us with the news that moons are… Mooning…

Turns out that because I had changed devices since setting up my vault that I needed the passphrase (seed phrase) or password. Something I genuinely didn’t remember needing to do when I first opened my vault those many moons ago (pun intended).

The point is… Your Reddit vault acts in just the same way as any other crypto wallet, you need to know your seed phrases or passwords to get back in if you are ever logged out.

Luckily, I remembered what I set my password as after some time. I nearly called it quits and had to start a new wallet. Not too bad for someone like me with a relatively small collection of moons but for those of you with a big stack it would be worth making sure you can still access your vault.

If you’re still in then great! Just make sure you’ve got your details backed up somewhere. If you’re not, hopefully you can remember your info and get back in.

And if you really really can’t get back into your vault, it sucks but at least you can make a new one now, save your details and start saving moons for real moving forward.

Hope this helps!

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