If you’re unsure what to do, just HODL


Holding your coin has proven to be the most lucrative technique over the years

There are success cases on trading, but they’re a minority, most people lose their money, specially on leverage trading

Take yesterday, for example: the amount of liquidations was close to 700m$, more than 90% were longs

No one can predict the market, other than the whales that manipulate it. If you’re not a big player and don’t know what to do, just HODL, it’s the simplest to execute and the most profitable yet

Staking can also be helpful, so that your coins/tokens are “locked” and this might avoid you from any sudden desperate moves

EDIT: This is meant for good projects, not shitcoins

I don’t recommend investing at all in shitcoins/memecoins, but if you do, take profits to guarantee you don’t lose money when the inevitable rugpull comes

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