If you’re patient, you will make money.


I know… we all want to become rich and ride Lamborghini super cars next month. We are tired of a 9 to 5 and the meaninglessness of modern day life.

Do you think the guy who bought squid tokens for thousands of dollars only to now try and cash out and find out he can’t doesn’t wish he took more time to research?

How about all the people who bought doge at ATH and are still holding their bags waiting for it to go back even?

And shiba inu? Same shit..

You hear of success stories and only focus on the idea that you will be that guy who made millions. Do you ever put yourself in the shoes of the guy who put in thousands and lost it all in the crash?

Now, veterans here know that if you put money in the safest crypto.. like BTC, ETH, LINK, MATIC.. or what ever floats your boat.. you will make money gradually if you just hold.. so do that..

I’ve already seen posts on here about people who got left holding the bag on shiba.. do you want to lose money in a gamble of have for sure returns but slower?

You chose..

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