If you’re new to Crypto here are the best places to get free Crypto


So if you’re new to Crypto it can all seem a bit overwhelming. Lots of exchanges, thousands of coins, new words that seem foreign and technical. Relax it’s all part of the learning curve. One fun thing to do whether your new or old to Crypto is to get free Crypto. There’s just something about it that’s oh so satisfying. So here is a quick list and some basic instructions on getting free Crypto. In no particular order.

1) Download Brave Browser on your phone, desktop tablet, everywhere you browse the web. Make sure you turn on Brave Rewards and set the ads per hour to the maximum (right now i think it’s 10). Also on your phone you can turn on ads even if you’re not using your browser. Ads pop up as notifications and in return for viewing the ads you get BAT (Basic Attention Token). You also get a great browser that blocks ads and gives you a much better browsing experience. The rewards may not seem like much but over time they add up.

2) Coinbase Earn – Download Coinbase, complete the registration and fulfill all their KYC requirements (know your customer). Then sign up for Coinbase Earn in the app. Once you are approved you can watch simple videos and get free Crypto for watching the videos. I have gotten close to $70 USD of free Crypto just through Coinbase Earn this year.

3) Moons on this sub reddit. Just for participating in the Cryptocurrency sub you get free Moons based on your Karma every 4 weeks. Open your vault! (No seriously go open it right now!) And then become active in the sub. Ask questions, be positive, interact with posts and comments that interest you. The more you honestly interact in the sub and contribute the more Karma you will get and the more moons you will receive in your vault.

4) Faucets – Faucets are websites where you enter your wallet address and they send you free Crypto! Most of the time it is fractions of a pennys worth but it’s fun and in the future those fractions of a penny could turn into actual pennies. My two favorite are the banano faucet and the foobar faucet. (Look into exchanging your foobar tokens for LOAN tokens, You’ll thank me in 5 years maybe).

5) Staking – buy your favorite coin and stake it. Some you can stake in your wallet others you have to go to a website but staking your coins gives you free Crypto every month and every day for some projects. My current favorite is Staking Yieldly. currently it’s paying about 40% APY for staking on the Yieldy website.

I’m sure I missed a ton of free Crypto options so please share your favorites!

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