If you’re going to buy HIGH RISK DEFLATIONARY MEME TOKENS, please, for the love of god, just use one of these three tools to CONFIRM LIQUIDITY EXISTS


I’ve noticed by quickly referencing Moonarch that most meme coins significantly rising at alarming rates in a matter of minutes either have insufficient liquidity to actually trade back when the buyer goes to sell, or they just don’t have liquidity at all.

$6 seems to be a trend. For pancakeswap to actually allow you to sell your new deflationary tokens, bare minimum you would want is a few thousand dollars in liquidity to exist.

I personally wouldn’t invest in anything with less than $100k liquidity, but given it seems I have very different values in this market, $10k honestly should be the minimum liquidity you’re looking for.

here are tools that can help you quickly check liquidity:

1.) Moonarch as i mentioned includes lists of trending assets. simply tapping the name activates a popup that reveals the total liquidity staked on exchanges

2.) Bogged.Finance charts allow you to search any token address, and it will give you a more in depth view of liquidity, including the value of each LP Token, which exchanges they’re staked on, how much is staked on each exchange, and the total amount of liquidity staked between all exchanges.(scroll to bottom of chart page for this)

3.) pancakeswap.info/token/[replace with your token address] is the in-depth look at trading and liquidity from PCSs perspective. this also includes staking and instaking events of LPs on PCSV2

Please never buy any sort of meme token without checking this first.

a quick scan of Token fomo shows hundreds of new assets are created every hour. some of them are legitimate, but an overwhelming number are not.

many of them are also counterfiets, using identical names as real assets.

you should ALWAYS review the address first. Never sinply go by the name of an asset.

please protect yourself from these scammers.

they’re scumbags who DO NOT deserve your hard earned money.

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