If your chosen crypto isn’t showing real development, it won’t last


In a bull run it’s very easy to fake development, progress and expansion. I lost count of how many projects saw a 30% bump off an announcement of an announcement of potentially a inconsequential partnership rumour.

In short alot of projects could coast, and you’d still see healthy gains in price.

Well that’s now over. There has been some serious adoption news and various project developments that barely register now we are living at the bottom of the fear index. So only promising development won’t cut it, the project needs to start delivering.

You want to be holding projects that are real. Ones with a serious development plan that is being continually worked on. Changing the website landing page isn’t it. Releasing new features or testnets towards a mainnet is. It proves that the lights are still on, and the project is still viable.

After every bull run so many projects just die off. They aren’t big annouced going out of business events like what happened with Luna. They simply just get quietly abandoned, and that’s it.

If you look at all the survivors of previous bull runs a vast majority had ongoing development. Tangible progress during 2018, and 2019 that setup a foundation to bounce back in 2020 and 2021.

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