If your $100 portfolio is a significant amount of money to you, than those $50 profit are significant amount of gains!


We all invest as much as we can while trying to be safe in this market, but the truth is, some of us have less to invest than others.
Some of us weren’t born in rich families, heck even in rich countries.

Some guy from California dropped a few thousands on a whim?
Cool for him, but that’s how much I invest in 1.5 years DCAing.
Oh, some guy bought 0.5 BTC?
That’s how much my apartment, my car and all my clothes are worth.

Don’t feel bad because your portfolio is worth 1/6th of a coin and some guy bragged on reddit about buying 10 coins just like that. Your 3x on a coin means exactly as much to you as his 3x to him, so no need to feel like shit about it.

You are investing for you and your family. Make the investment that you feel is right for you in your situation. Don’t get fret if you feel like your portfolio is not big enough to brag with.
Nobody is supposed to judge you on that!

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