If you opened your Vault, it’s time to close off your account with 2FA


With Reddit expanding their karma = tokens cryptocurrency experiment while simultaneously applying for an IPO(becoming a publicly traded company), now more than ever you need to setup Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

Eyes are on Reddit now, in fact eyes might even be on your vault. So if you want to keep those precious moons you earned while shamelessly shitposting, you need to setup 2FA yesterday.

You can setup 2FA easily through settings, you can use Authy or Google, both work fine.

I’m sure many of you don’t protect your Reddit accounts with the best password, and I’m equally sure many of you signed up with an old email that you barely even use anymore, how strong is that password?

Don’t become a sob story post. Protect your Moons.

Setup 2FA or Moons begone

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