If you invested 4 months back in Bitcoin you will be up 100% today


A gentle reminder that you should always buy the dip regardless of how much FUD there are in the market. It is the time where the market is fearful that you should be buying every single dip that you have.

Personally, I’m glad I bought a tiny bag of bitcoin at $45k. And currently up a decent percentage. I believe many of you have bought the dip as well.

I think it is important that we should load up more when it’s dipping compared to when it is rising. However, due to human psychology, we only buy when it’s going up. Hence that it why everyone always buy at the top.

But congrats to those that managed to bought bitcoin at even $28k. And now it has rose to 2x of your money.

TLDR; Buy and dollar cost average; if it dips, buy more. Your future self will thank you

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