If you invested $1000 into SGT a week ago it would be worth $52 today *the other side to these million dollar equations*


We’ve all see the headlines about SHIB and others, $1000 a year ago would be millions today, but at the point when you would have needed to invest to have those gains today — they weren’t different than most of the hype coins that landed people in the red.

Shib took off yes, don’t misunderstand me — I’m perfectly happy with that. But the gamble those holders took then is way underestimated today now that everyone knows of it.

The dozens of other coins that fucked people hard — don’t make for as good of a one year equation. I took the liberty of going through the most popular moonshots posts from a year ago.. to bring you some examples:

BEYOND PROTOCOL – “bigger than Bitcoin and ETH combined” is the slogan and it was the most popular post in the last year, $1000 a year ago would be worth $647 today

BabyKrypto – only 47 days old but if you bought $1000 worth when they started advertising it on Moonshots, you’d have $125 today

$1000 in SHIBAFEVER would have gotten you 77 million coins just a week ago, worth $153 today

After this we started getting into rebase tokens where the “price” doesn’t move they just “adjust” the tokens that you hold, but you can’t sell either so I’d say $1000 into those burned up pretty quickly.

There’s also Floki Jr, Floki New York, Micro Shiba and Chopper Inu, Catch Doge, Doge back, and Robo Doge that I can’t even find accurate information on.. but I’m guessing those didn’t make many crypto millionaires.

Anyway, I’m seeing a lot of posts asking how to jump on a newly listed coin first and where to find them, and I just wanted to say .. I don’t even think those that have held SHIB for a year give themselves enough credit for how big a leap they took. This style of investing breeds a lot more losers than winners, and winners rarely stop there and cash out — they’re on the hunt for the next opportunity to lose money.

Do whatever makes you happy — but I think we need to see more of the whole picture

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