If you had invested $1000 in USDT a year ago , your current value would be $1050 by staking it. The “neutral” side of investing into Crypto which no one talks about.


We’ve all see the headlines about SHIB, DOGE and other coins, “$1000 a year ago would be millions today”, but to get those gains you’d need to invest really early.

Through this sub we now have also seen what would have happened if you had invested your money into coins like Squid, Shibafever or BabyKrypto.

But what would have happened if you tried to keep your risk low, by investing into stabilized coins? If you would have invested $1000 a year ago into the following coins and staked them with an APY of 5% you would have:

Tether – would be worth $1050 today USD Coin – would be worth $1050 today Dai – would be worth $1050 today

Considering an inflation of 3% you’d still be up 2%. It isn’t much but still way better than just letting your money rot at the bank.

Not an financial advice. Maybe. You can do whatever you want.

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