If you had invested 1000$ in BIMP 7days ago , your current investment value would be 0$. The dark side of Gambling in Crypto which one talks about


Every now and then we can see coins going 100-10000% in day which makes many of us wonder why don’t we catch that move next time , which make us to search for the next Crypto that moves to moon.

The amount of posts in this sub asking for the next 100x coin is at a ATH and every now and then people are being attracted into Crypto by the form of FOMO.

Crypto was introduced to make our lives easy and with calculative bets this is the best store value out there to beat the inflation in the long term but the way it is used now just shows how early we are in the Crypto space.

Behind every coin going to the moon , there are hundreds of investors losing their money with the same Fomo against another coin. This is why most of the investors stick with the best two – BTC and ETH.

Now I’m not against people FOMOing with their portfolio , a 5-10% risk is not a problem but when they go all in where the shit happens. Instead of going behind these next 100x , if you had just invested all these days with the top Crypto projects , you’d have made much returns than running behind the next 100X coin.

Edit :- If people want to go behind the next coin which gives them 100x , it’s their wish their money and if they make money I’m happy for them. But this is just to show the downsides of doing that in Crypto.

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