If you got into crypto to acquire life changing money, fair play. Just have a realistic timeline


Being a part of this sub over the past few months has made me realize that A LOT of people seem to be investing in crypto for the hopes of acquiring life changing money. “Fuck you” money as others call it.

That’s all well and good and I wholeheartedly wish that you achieve your dreams. Each and every one of you. I really do. What does concern me however is the amount of people that seem to expect this life changing money to come about in a very short timeline.

Crypto is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. The highs and lows are insane. That money is out there. 100%. And that is part of the problem. People see coins and tokens doubling, tripling, 5xing in months or even weeks. It still happens. Every day. There is simply no predicting it or making sense of it.

There is something that you can predict though. As sure as there’s shit in a pup, you know it ain’t gonna be your ass that hits that 5x in 5 weeks. That’s not how it works friend.

So buckle up, choose your coins, get your popcorn ready and get comfortable on the sidelines as everyone else’s coins moon and you sit there with your 2x.

But hey, it’s still 2x ya greedy fuck. Be happy. We’ll get there.

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