If you ever feel dumb, remember there are people who STILL think we’re in a bear market


Some people on Twitter have been calling for BTC to 10k since it hit 30/40k. Now that BTC is at 61K, they don’t want to admit they are wrong, but instead they keep saying we’re in a bear market and “We should crash aaaanytime now, right?

Whenever BTC goes from 61K to 60K they say: See? I told you! Bear market. Why do some people act like this lol. It’s way more fun to be a perma bull than a perma bear. I am a perma bull, I was bullish at 40k, we then went down to 30k, I was bullish there as well. So while they are always bearish, I am always bullish. But bullish is way more fun.

Let me tell you a secret: This is not what a bear market looks like. Don’t be like: “Oh this dump to 60k is what I’ve been warning you about. We’re in a bull market, if you’re still a bear, just join the bulls, we don’t bite.

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