If you could name your own crypto… What would you call it?


Ok so I finally have enough comment Karma for my first post so here it is again!

As stated in the title, let´s say now everyone gets to have a personal crypto to share with the world. As we all know nobody gives a shit about what´s behind the coin itself and all we care about when putting money into crypto is that it has a cool name so we don´t sound stupid when trying to scam other people into buying our coin. Soooo what would be the perfect name for your brand new crypto?

Mine would be “Ramens” RMN for short,loved by everyone, particularly broke university students and its public blockchain “Noodles”.

Now give me you best names!

Edit: it’s been 10 minutes and we already have enough names for the next decade or so

Let’s vote for our favourites, maybe we can convince some gullible millionaire to shill are made up coins

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