If you bought in at ‘ATH’ and it fell off a cliff doesn’t mean it will never climb it’s way back up again. Trust me.


If you’re new and haven’t been around atleast a couple cycles, it’s easy to let the charts get to you when you’re down. I used to check them constantly trying to find the “dip” (I didn’t really understand what that was at the time) in the middle of a bull run… it was even more after it had a major, prolonged (actual) dip. I was off the ATH by less than 5% on the buy in.

I remember feeling like a fool for learning FOMO the hard way. I also made the mistake of telling 2 people I got into Crypto, and was up. I was green for less than a week and was constantly asked ‘how much was I up now?’ In the following red months.

Those months did end though. I kept buying, lowering my average purchase price. Even with recent ‘crashes’ (I use that term loosely) I’m still green.

Now not every coin does this, but some do. DYOR to find out which ones.

Edit: This ofcourse excludes shitcoins.

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