If you bought $100 worth of meme coins a year ago, you probably would have sold for $200 a few months later. Its easy to say what you could’ve done but its hard to HODL


I have seen a lot of people say, ‘if you bought $100 worth of SHIB a year ago you would have $70 Million” , “If you bought $1000 worth of SHIB 11 months ago you would have a Billion dollars” but in reality you would have sold way early. There is no way to know which projects will do well, specially if they’re meme coins and most people don’t have the money to throw around $100 on random meme coins. If you get in early on a project you will most likely sell way early or HODL for too long and eventually it will go down. Have conviction in your projects and recognize that getting rich from meme coins is like winning the lottery, you can’t know which will pump. Increasing your wealth slowly over a long period of time is better than throwing away money at lottery tickets

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