If you are smoker, quit and start buying Crypto.


I can’t think of worse way to waste your hard earned money. Not only you are throwing them in the bin but you are harming your body as well. I know it’s a pleasure and fun but the money paid for cigarettes pile up day by day, money which you otherwise can invest in Crypto.

Where i live a pack of cigs costs around $3 and in most Western countries are much more expensive.

Let’s assume you smoke a pack per day and put things in perspective for 1 year. $3 x 365 = $1095

One of the most expensive places in the world to buy cigarettes is New York with average prices of around $12. This makes $4380 if you smoke a pack per day.

Each one of you can make the calculation for themselves depending on the price and how much they smoke, but the totals are staggering. Thousands of euro, dollars, pounds which can be invested, staked, borrowed or whatever you can think of, all better than wasting them on this bad habit.

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