If you are reading this, than you are already ahead in life!


Seriously, do you have any idea what percentage of people in the world actually have some of their networth in crypto? Sub 6% from what I hear lately.
Be proud just to be here, you are witnessing a financial revolution and get to be in it!

The majority of people do not invest any kind of money into their future, they live day by day and spend it as soon as they get it.
As long as you are willing to live below your means for some time in order to invest for the future and actually do something to achieve that financial freedom – you are doing better in life than most of the people you know!

It doesn’t matter if you invested $100 or $100k, if a hundred is a significant amount for you, than the gains on that would also be significant, so don’t feel bad about not flexing yacht’s from crypto.
Remember, that time in the market is huge, so if you are patient those huge gains will eventually come.
We are still very early in this crypto journey.

Kudos for being here and being a part of this. It wouldn’t be possible without people like you.

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