If you are poor, crypto may be your best chance to win the most important thing: time


Crypto may help us to get out of poverty just like some jobs can do but, if you are poor, be honest: working 40 hours a day is not sustainable.

I wish to see my children grow up and to have time to pursue my passions. Yes some jobs may allow me to retire early if I don’t die because of the dangerous aspects of the job but frankly I want my time to be mine and working to be a choice.

I wish the best forbhard workers but salaries are not giving me the hope to sustain a famillybor to buy a house.

The only financial hope I have right now lies in crypto.

It speaks volume about our world and about the power of crypto.

Edit: 40 hours a day, what a bufoon am i? Yet I won’t change it and I’ll own this utter stupidity. Shame on me

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