If you agree with every “DOGE is dead because it’s down from ATH” posts, you are no different than those writing “BTC is dead” every time it dips


Disclaimer because it’s necessary on this sub: I hold BTC. I don’t hold DOGE. This is not a pro DOGE post, this is not an anti BTC post. Don’t try to make it either.

Most of you make fun of people if they declare Bitcoin dead if it dips a bit and you’re right to do so. Those boomers, huh? Don’t even notice that BTC has always survived after they declared it dead. I’m on your side on this (even though not every article saying “BTC might continue dipping” is declaring it dead, as some seem to interpret it).

Can’t you see how many of you are kinda doing the same to DOGE? DOGE has been around for 8 years now, the first mention of it being dead that I’ve found was from three weeks after its initial launch in 2013. It also died in 2014, 2017, 2018, 2020… and I only looked for like 3 minutes. DOGEs ATH before 2021 was at about $0.0175. So this dead coin reached a new ATH more than 4,000% above its previous ATH this year.

And still, a week ago a post saying that DOGE is dead because it currently is down when, in fact, the whole market is down and DOGE’s performance was very average compared to other top 100 coins got almost 8,000 upvotes. Today, an almost identical post providing nothing more got over 1,000 upvotes before OP deleted it for some reason I’m sure it was not at all because it already had reached 1,000 upvotes which is the maximum for moon farming and he was afraid that mods would delete his post because it was basically a copy of the other one, which would lead to 0 moon karma

Don’t you see how ridiculous this is? I’m not saying you should like DOGE at all, I’m not saying there aren’t enough reasons to criticize it, but you are taking an ‘argument’ (coin down = coin dead) that you would never, ever accept for any coin you like or are neutral about, at face value and act the same way as those people you call “Bitcoin-haters” and “no-coiners” do if BTC dips.

I don’t have any DOGE and don’t plan on buying any. I have no idea if it will ever surpass its previous ATH. But if I had to name three coins that I think are most likely to still be around and in the top 100 in 10 years I’d say BTC, ETH, surviving all those ‘ETH-killers’, and yes, DOGE. That dog has survived so many deaths, it won’t be easy to kill him.

tl;dr: BTC has died a million times, so has DOGE. Why are you making fun of those saying it about BTC but supporting those saying it about DOGE?

Edit: everyone being like “you can’t compare those, BTC is technically superior”: I would ask all of you to explain why. If you can’t, you should not say that.

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