If this run has taught me anything, it’s that most people here don’t really care about decentralization and technology


Feel free to downvote me, that is your right, who am I to tell you what you should do with your money?

But just as you have the right to do with your money whatever you want so do I have the right to express my opinion on this sub. I am seriously dissapointed with the ammount of posts shilling shitcoins, memecoins and people supporting it.

Some of you will make good money on it, most of you probably won’t. If you go with it for a long run I am sure you will get rekt.

People who put money into this just read how someone made a huge profit, avoid reading how many people lost money in the same way not even a month ago, people on this sub would recommend not gambling on shitcoins, and now I have a feeling that everyone here are for the shitcoin gamble.Where did all those people from whom I could learn disappeared?

And yes, most of us are here for the money but also for decentralization and adoption. Is this the adoption we asked for?

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