If this keeps up, I may finally be a wholecoiner.


Since everyone is starting a fire sale of all crypto, I’m starting to see my dream of becoming a BTC wholecoiner a possibility.

This crash is a blessing in disguise to those who wanted to lower their buy in average. I’m not letting this time go. I hope this dip sustains to give me ample time to accumulate.

If there’s a reversion, then it’s fine as well. I already have a decent portfolio.

Seriously, there hasn’t been a massive change or threat in the BTC protocol to warrant such dip. It’s the macroeconomics and the geopolitical scenario that’s affecting us at the moment. And that LUNA fiasco aggravated the crash a bit. But that’s noise to me.

If you’re holding BTC, there’s no reason to sweat. Still in zen mode and enjoying the cheap sats.

“Buy when there’s blood in the streets, even if it’s yours”

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