If this is the “fools rally”.Degenerates bought at $27k, institutions will buy at $32k and this sub will buy at $35 -$40k and promptly panic sell at $34k


A lot of people still don’t understand the idea of a “psychological attack” in the market. Which is meant to:

Make small investors behave in ways that are ultimately harmful to themselves These actions are profitable to larger and institutional investors

The past 2 weeks have been a classic example of this. Which is why I started buying with degenerates. Even while personally being sceptical of the continued operation of Tether and the CEX system. Which sounds simple on paper but just take a look at the top posts from this period. Furthermore headlines across media are all “recession is coming”. It was bear euphoria

Even now I’m sure many are sceptical and confused. The market will act in a way to amplify this. Those that FOMO in at $31.5k feel some sense of relief before a dump back to ~$30k that makes those that sold feel vindicated. Before moving sideways to build tension then moving in whatever direction will cause the most pain

“You will sell out of fear and buy out of greed”

While the most profitable method is to

“Sell greed and buy fear”

Not the markets fear and greed but your own feelings. Which as stated is easy to say but hard to implement. It’s like thinking to open your hand but making a fist

But you have time. Outside of any major geopolitical and environmental disturbances. We can be looking at a period of 8 weeks to 90 days of positive price action. Which dosn’t mean 90 days of green. But that prices on most assets starting from the low will be higher by the end of that period. So Q3 ending green and Q4 being volitiliy

Most people will jump in at end of Q3

How many of you have been bombarded by “sell in May and run away” ?

You will sell the bottom and buy the top

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