If someone is really making millions trading crypto, they keep doing it, they don’t try to “sell” you how they do it . They do as much as possible to keep that a secret.


I’m sick of Instagram and Tiktok influencers selling courses and shilling their coins. There are some really good youtubers who can help you with your research but I have problem with the ones who flex their fake trading accounts , showing how they turned $1k into $1m in a couple of months and they will “teach” you how to do it , if you buy their course. If you know how to make a million dollars in a couple of months , why bother selling courses , why not do it again.

Then there are influencers who do not sell their course but keep shilling the most degenerate coins , that is probably gonna crash (looking at you logan paul). Tiktok is literally filled with this. These influencer use their fans as money making machines .

Most of those courses are about $100, why do you need to sell a $100 course if you can turn $1k to $1m. All of them are frauds. The sad part is most of them are gonna earn a lot of money selling their course by showing their fake portfolio.

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