If I commit fraud, I am sent to prison. If a Bank commits fraud, where are they sent?


This frankly frustrates me to no end. This is proof that there is no regulation or “rule of law” to follow when it comes to our traditional financial system.

NatWest, one the UK’s biggest banks was just fined $349M after assisting to launder over $483 Million with a single client. No jail time, no public apology, no court hearing and certainly no punishment as that is a drop in the ocean compared to their annual revenues. JP Morgan was also just fined $200M for illegally conducting official business via end to end encrypted apps thus evading audits and compliance.

Now as an average citizen, how am I chased to report every single dime I make and forced to meticulously track my measly Crypto portfolio? Is this fair and right? How can I accept any form of Crypto regulation by the powers at be when they can’t even abide by their own laws?

This is insane.

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