If Everyone is talking about it you’re probably late.



Ever heard the old phrase ‘ buy the rumour sell the news? ‘ That applies to crypto like x100. If something is talked about or hyped, especially by major news outlets or by everyone and their mother, you’ve missed the boat…

This doesn’t mean there’s no other chances, just look for signs. Before the 2020-2021 bullrun there was a lot of talk about defi (rumour), yet there was no bullmarket early in 2020 yet, just a lot of speculation. That’s when you buy, especially when it’s a bear market or even better a bear winter, when the prices are so low the whole world seems to have given up on crypto.

The good news is, now that we’re in a bear market you can start to look for clues as to what the next big trend will be, that way you don’t start buying when the entire market is just green charts and prices are high but look like they’ll never stop going up (news).

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