If Bitcoin Would be Surpassed in MarketCap, Which Coin Would it Be?


Okay hear me out before the bitcoin legion finds my children and sacrifices them for the lord Satoshi.

Bitcoin has always been the coin with the largest marketcap, currently at $883B making it the most dominant in the market since the beginning of crypto. The following figure shows the percentages of the biggest coins in the total marketcap as of today:

Percentage of Total Market Cap (coinmarketcap et al, 2021)

As can be seen on the chart, the bitcoin dominance has diminished the last years, with the current percentages being:

Current percentages of marketcap dominance (coinmarketcap et al, 2021)

Now my question is as follows: IF bitcoin were to be surpassed, which coin would take the number 1 spot and why?

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